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Welcome to the official website of John Patrick Garth!


To do something alone might be pretty tough, together the same thing is much easier and youíre stronger.

Just in artistic professions that phenomenon is very obvious. Who doesnít know the problem, you have a good idea for a certain project but how should you realize that idea?

A want to create a network, where you can find exchange. Everyone can give his abilities and in the end we will get something going together.

No idea should rest in your desk drawer any longer.

So if you donít know how to finance a project or you have a good idea but need somebody who writes you a script, etc. Letís think it over together, we can find a solution.

To all who believe in good artistic ideas we always need support and sponsorship. Financial capital is important as the artistic stuff. Without money you canít get any idea or project going. No matter how good it is.

If you want to be part of the network, write down what you can give to the network and what you expect the network to give back.
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