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Welcome to the official website of John Patrick Garth!

My love to acting or when dreams come true

How it began…

the first time I performed on stage in front of the audience was in elementary school. We just had finished reading “Der dicke fette Pfannkuchen” (The big fat pancake) when we and our teacher decided to perform it on stage. Everybody was pretty nervous when it came to opening night. When I got on stage the nervousness disappeared within seconds. I felt sheltered and secured (today it’s still the same). From that very moment on, for me being on stage was a place, where I could live my dreams.

When time passed by…

I developed an “artistic valve”. I discovered new ways to express myself artistically. Writing short stories and poems inspired me for being on stage.

After finishing school…

regardless of various difficulties I made my dream to be an actor come true. I’m happy I got the chance to do it. Every dream can come true. You have to keep in mind what you want to achieve and if you get the chance just take it.

I hope you’ll have a lot of fun discovering my homepage.


John Patrick Garth
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